Because you love illustration

I see so many illustrators put so much time, effort and love into their work… I’m almost in awe of the results. But then when it comes to showing the work around they seem to devalue it by promoting it with very little care or thought. It seems that they feel they’ve done their bit so the rest doesn’t matter. This just isn’t true! When the time comes to show the labours of your love publicly, you need to take the same amount of time, effort and care with the promotional process if you want people to take an interest in your work. You can’t just fob people off with a ‘look at this new illustration’ attitude and then leave it at that. You’re doing yourself a great injustice by not connecting properly with your network of peers and clients.

We want proper descriptions, we want context, we want WIPs, videos… We want to support you, but you need to make us care about your work the same way you do. Some illustrators do this very well, some are even better at doing this than they are at illustrating, but by being good at promoting their work they add value to it. Please put the time, effort and love into everything you do and not just the bit you enjoy. I think illustrators are brilliant and I really want people to really see the value in what they do.

If you want a list of illustrators who I consider to be good at promoting their work, let me know in the comments and I’ll reply with a few suggestions.

Like me! Like me! Like me!

Well, everyone is on Facebook these days and we all know how “likes” work. I have a Facebook page along with a personal page, as it makes sense to keep family and silly stuff separate from work and official stuff. I do like things on Facebook, I actually “like” quite a lot of things… But…


If you’re going to send me a message via my Facebook page with a link to your page and the words “please return the like”, I’m not being funny, but you’re putting me on the spot. What if I follow the link and I don’t really like your stuff or it’s really not to my taste, but it’s OK. If you’re going to send me a link to your stuff and you want me to check it out ask me to do just that. Then there’s no pressure and if I like it, I’ll “like” it. It’s scary the number of messages I get where it’s “I’ve liked you, now like me”. Plain and simple, I don’t trade “likes”. I like what I like.

You can “like” me, if you like me at or if you don’t like me, I’m sure our dog Finlay would love some love. I’m not the type to roll around when my belly’s tickled, but he definitely is.

Darren Di Lieto

February 3, 2014

I’ve just made a few updates to some of the old text on the Mail Me Art website. Hopefully to bring it a bit more up-to-date and reflect the projects current activities. I’ve also added the first and second MMA books to the MMA shop.

Now that I’ve done that it’s time to get the project pages sorted on the LCS. Once done people should have a proper insight into what we’re up to half the time.

Little Chimp by the numbers…

A couple years ago while doing a bit of website house-cleaning we actually deleted over 4,000 posts from The LCS. But today we published our 8,001st news post… Again. It’s scary how quickly the archive grows and it’s amazing how much good content and even interviews get forgotten about. On a similar note, we deleted around 11,000 users from the site at about the same time we deleted those 4,000 posts. The removed users included anyone who hadn’t been active on the site in 24 months or more and had less than 2 news submissions. Which left us with just under 3,000 active users. I strive to try and keep The LCS an active community rather than a big community. So it makes sense to skim off the froth once in a while.

Darren Di Lieto

January 7, 2014

Hijacking Facebook Updates! Why do it! It’s a pain and it makes you look like a knob! I don’t mind the direct messages on Facebook page as it’s part of the course and people should have a way to get in contact. I just can’t stand when people who probably don’t even read your status update leave a link in your post comments to their own site or Facebook page. If you’re going to comment be constructive or join the conversation, don’t spam us. You know who you are.